This information display shows overall characteristics for the replacement patients under the care of this Consultant in Charge between 1 April 2003 and 31 March 2023. Against each characteristic you will be able to see whether this surgeon has been responsible for a greater or fewer number of patients of a particular type.

The black marker() represents the surgeon you have selected and the green marker () represents the national average. The Black marker shows how the proportion of a particular patient type compares to the national average (Green Marker).

It is important to note that the data displayed here is a snapshot in time and the types of patients a surgeon is responsible for and may treat will fluctuate over time. The types of patients treated can help explain variation in patient outcomes after surgery.

An example for (fictional) Consultant A is shown below

The information displayed for Consultant A shows that over the time period, when compared to the national average, this surgeon treated: