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NJR StatsOnline - national procedure volumes

NJR StatsOnline includes the number of submissions, by joint, for both the NHS and Independent Sector in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Guernsey. The summary national statistics below provide the total counts for procedures submitted both in the year to date and for the whole of the NJR from 2003.

NHS hospitals
Details 2022 Year to date: 2023
Total completed procedures 119,983 117,559
Hip procedures 57,984 58,794
Knee procedures 53,792 51,157
Ankle procedures 826 808
Elbow procedures 1,274 1,006
Shoulder procedures 6,104 5,737
NJR consent rate 91% 90%
Data as at : 30/11/2023
Private (independent) hospitals
Details 2022 Year to date: 2023
Total completed procedures 120,976 121,620
Hip procedures 58,901 56,748
Knee procedures 59,360 62,111
Ankle procedures 277 301
Elbow procedures 45 36
Shoulder procedures 2,391 2,413
NJR consent rate 95% 96%
Data as at : 30/11/2023
NHS hospitals
Independent hospitals
Data as at : 30/11/2023

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