NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile

Region: North East

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NHS hospitals 
Bishop Auckland HospitalHKAES
Darlington Memorial HospitalHKAES
Freeman HospitalHKAES
Friarage HospitalHKES
Hexham General HospitalHKES
North Tyneside General HospitalHKAES
Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care HospitalHKAES
South Tyneside District HospitalHKS
Sunderland Royal HospitalHKAES
The James Cook University HospitalHKAES
The North East NHS Surgery CentreHKAES
The Royal Victoria InfirmaryHES
University Hospital Of HartlepoolHKA
University Hospital Of North DurhamHKE
University Hospital Of North TeesHKAES
Wansbeck HospitalHKAES
Private (independent) hospitals 
BMI Woodlands HospitalHKAS
Nuffield Health Newcastle-upon-Tyne HospitalHKAS
Nuffield Health Tees HospitalHKES
Spire Washington HospitalHKAES
Key :
H Hip surgery
K Knee surgery
A Ankle surgery
E Elbow surgery
S Shoulder surgery

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