NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile

Region: North West

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NHS hospitals 
Aintree University Hospital Sefton SuiteHKS
Alder Hey Children's HospitalH
Arrowe Park HospitalHKAES
Blackpool Victoria HospitalHKES
Broadgreen HospitalHKAES
Burnley General HospitalHKAS
Chorley and South Ribble HospitalHKAES
Clatterbridge HospitalHKAES
Countess of Chester HospitalHKAES
Fairfield General HospitalHKAS
Furness General HospitalHKES
Halton Hosital Captain Sir Tom Moore BuildingHKES
Leighton HospitalHKES
Macclesfield District General HospitalHKES
Manchester Royal InfirmaryHKES
North Manchester General HospitalHKES
Ormskirk and District General HospitalHKES
Royal Albert Edward InfirmaryHKAES
Royal Blackburn HospitalHKAES
Royal Bolton HospitalHKES
Royal Lancaster InfirmaryHKAES
Royal Manchester Childrens HospitalH
Royal Oldham HospitalHKES
Royal Preston HospitalHKES
Salford RoyalHKES
Southport and Formby District General HospitalHKES
Stepping Hill HospitalHKAES
Tameside General HospitalHKES
The Royal Liverpool University HospitalHKES
Trafford General HospitalHKAES
University Hospital AintreeHKAES
Warrington HospitalHKES
Westmorland General HospitalHKAES
Whiston HospitalHKAES
Wrightington HospitalHKAES
Wythenshawe HospitalHKAES
Private (independent) hospitals 
Alexandra Hospital CheadleHKAES
Beardwood Private HospitalHKS
Beaumont HospitalHKS
Euxton Hall HospitalHKS
Fairfield HospitalHKES
Fulwood Hall HospitalHKAS
Highfield HospitalHKS
Lancaster HospitalHKAS
Nuffield Health The Grosvenor HospitalHKS
Oaklands HospitalHKAS
Renacres Hall HospitalHK
Spire Cheshire HospitalHKAES
Spire Fylde Coast HospitalHKS
Spire Liverpool HospitalHKAS
Spire Manchester HospitalHKAES
Spire Murrayfield HospitalHK
Spire Regency HospitalHKS
The Wilmslow HospitalES
Key :
H Hip surgery
K Knee surgery
A Ankle surgery
E Elbow surgery
S Shoulder surgery

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