NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile

Region: East of England

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NHS hospitals 
Addenbrooke's HospitalHKAES
Basildon University HospitalHKS
Bedford Hospital South WingHKES
Braintree Community HospitalHKS
Broomfield HospitalHKES
Colchester General HospitalHKES
Hinchingbrooke HospitalHKS
Ipswich HospitalHKAES
James Paget University HospitalHKES
Lister HospitalHKAES
Luton and Dunstable HospitalHKES
Milton Keynes HospitalHKES
Norfolk and Norwich HospitalHKAES
Peterborough City HospitalHKAES
Princess Alexandra HospitalHKAES
Southend HospitalHKES
St Albans City HospitalHKAS
The Queen Elizabeth HospitalHKES
Watford General HospitalHKS
West Suffolk HospitalHKAES
Private (independent) hospitals 
Fitzwilliam HospitalHKS
Manor Hospital - Circle Health Group LimitedHKS
Nuffield Health Cambridge HospitalHKAES
Nuffield Health Ipswich HospitalHKS
Oaks HospitalHKS
One Hatfield HospitalHKES
Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist HospitalHK
Pinehill HospitalHKS
Rivers HospitalHKS
Saxon ClinicHKS
Spire Cambridge Lea HospitalHKAES
Spire Harpenden HospitalHKS
Spire Norwich HospitalHKAES
Spire Wellesley HospitalHKAES
Springfield HospitalHKS
St Edmunds HospitalHKS
Key :
H Hip surgery
K Knee surgery
A Ankle surgery
E Elbow surgery
S Shoulder surgery

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